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Ik ga akkoord

Process | creating a sculpture 

In my process of creating a sculpture, the role of circularity and infinity becomes more important. My work process is perceived as organic, inspiration driven, not by a predetermined plan. A variety of objects and aspects I come across in daily life inspire me. For instance, conversations with others and being outdoors, surrounded by nature.

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An organic and dynamic process

The organic character is the reason I adore the making process itself. I work intuitively, using materials such as wood and stone. Occasionally, I put my pieces to rest for a while, until I figure out what it needs to become complete. I enjoy involving others in my work. A different angle, vision or opinion feeds my inspiration and adds a new dynamic to the process.


Inspired by nature

The shape of a sculpture is a tangible result of the organic process. Round, soft shapes are features that characterize my pieces. Whoever observes my sculptures closely, is likely to discover that humans, animals and nature form a great source of inspiration. Nature, life and continuity are words that may come to mind.

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