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Ik ga akkoord

Simone Verbeek | Organic Art

After graduating high school, I continued studying and moved into a student room in Amsterdam. Later on, I decided to leave the capital city for another city built on poles, Dordrecht. This is where I developed interest in visual arts. At that time, I worked part-time jobs, related to Dutch language. In my spare time, two of my dearest friends fueled my enthusiasm for sculpting.


My development in visual arts

I started sculpting, surrounded by beautiful nature, in National Park De Biesbosch. My curiosity encouraged me to take the admission test for an education at Utrecht School of the Arts. This is where I continued to develop in visual arts, stimulated by feedback. A delightful and incredibly inspirational time, with room to explore, to experiment and discover new perspectives. Themes such as infinity and stillness began to reveal themselves in my pieces more often.


Where my sculpting takes place

As a student, I worked from a studio in the Vlampijpstraat and Tractieweg, in Utrecht. Later on, I moved into a shared studio with four graduated friends in the Winklerlaan. When my family and I moved to the beautiful and green city Breda, I decided to use the studio next to our house, with less travel time as an additional benefit. Meanwhile, I became more occupied by my new job as a teacher for young newcomers, which was very meaningful and fun. At this moment it feels only natural to move towards visual arts again, to take new steps and continue my development in a different way.

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